Gobardanga Hindu College

ESTD 1947,
North 24 Parganas, West Bengal


Previous Principals & T.I.C (From 1947-2019)

  1. Dr. Surendranath Basu (Principal) - 27.11.1947-1948
  2. Shri. Amitesh Chandra Bandopadhyay (Principal) – 1948 - 31.07.1962
  3. Shri. Ananta Kumar Chakraborty (Principal) – 1.08.1962-31.12.1972
  4. Shri. Sukumar Bhattacharya (Principal) – 01.01.1973-1974
  5. Shri. Shibram Bandopadhyay (Principal) – 1974- 20.02.1977
  6. Shri. Ashuprasad Nath (T.I.C) – 21.02.1977-1978
  7. Shri. Biswanath Bandopadhyay (Principal) – 1978 – 13.03.1983
  8. Shri. Ambarnath Ghoshal (TIC) - 14.03.1983-09.03.1984
  9. Shri. Sachindramohan Mukhopadhyay (T.I.C) - 10.03.1983 – 09.03.1984
  10. Dr. Brotish Chandra Ghosh (Principal) – 01.03.1986-31.01.1988
  11. Shri. Narayan Chandra Dey (T.I.C) – 01.02.1988 – 02.01.1989
  12. Shri. Sunil Kumar Dasgupta (T.I.C) – 03.01.1989-31.03.1991
  13. Shri. Bimal Kumar Saha (T.I.C) – 01.04.1991- 31.12.1991
  14. Shri. Mohitranjan Bandopadhyay (T.I.C) – 01.01.1992 – 30.06.1992
  15. Dr. Swapan Kumar Sarkar (Principal) – 01.07.1992-28.02.2005
  16. Shri. Parimal Kumar Chakraborty (T.I.C) – 1.03.2005 – 31.08.2005
  17. Shri. Tapan Kumar Bandopadhyay (T.I.C) – 01.09.2005-30.04.2006
  18. Shri. Alik Kumar Neogi (T.I.C) – 01.05.2006-02.01.2007
  19. Dr. Gopinath Haith (Principal) – 03.01.2007- 30.09.2013
  20. Dr. Pratul Kumar Pandit (T.I.C) – 01.10.13-28.02.2015
  21. Shri. Sanat Kumar Das (T.I.C) – 01.03.2015-30.06.2015
  22. Dr. Hare Krishna Mandal (Principal) – 01.07.2015 – cont.

Administrative Head

Smt. Ratna Chowdhury department of  Geography

Dr. Hare Krishna Mandal
M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Ed, Ph.D.
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From Principal’s Desk

Gobardanga Hindu College now a premier institution of higher education affiliated to West Bengal State university was established on 27th November, 1947 after one year the college formally started functioning (vide Memo. No. C/4161/Affl. Senate House, 5th February, 1948) by a decision of Government of India with affiliation for Intermediate Courses in Arts and Science.

The college started to perform its duties satisfactorily and subsequently took on additional responsibilities by introducing new subjects and courses of all streams (Arts, Science, Commerce) at the General and Honours level. The number of students increased steadily over the years. In 1962 the college introduced B.Ed Course which is the only B.Ed department in the entire north 24 parganas now.

At present more than 10,000 students are studying here in different departments at UG level. The college offers Post-Graduate subjects, namely Bengali, Education and History.

We follow a transparent admission procedure according to merit. We also adhere to the reservation policy of the Higher Education Department. A huge number of various scholarships are there to support meritorious and needy students. Students get all information and notification timely through the website along with the conventional notice board and SMS Service.

This institution has developed a habitual practice of parent-teacher meet,  invited talks, students' seminar, alumni meet etc. Co-curricular cultural activities passionately participated by the students and sometimes along with teachers deserve a special mention as it reflects cultural harmony.

Gobardanga Hindu College